The Journey

"Wolf's Cry reminds me of who I really am. A wolf, a mistress, sometimes in between. The sadistic urge, the darkness of the hunt, and above all - this totality, oh this totality, my curse and my bless, my dear friend and great foe... Take my hand then, and let me guide you into the paths of my Wolf's Cry. Tonight, love, I'll make you scream in pain".

“Wolf’s Cry” may be considered as a fantasy – the characters are werewolves, and the story revolves around relationships, debates, the resemblance and differences between man and beast. Much of it is real, started as a one-on-one roleplay where it was very trivial to take these characters, yet the reflection in the real world caught me by surprise. It’s easier to handle emotions and views through a game, and some situations which I couldn’t find a way to describe in words found a perfect fit there, in a world where there are no boundaries but your imagination. The written roleplay turned into blog entries as I was seeking for a place to get it all out, slowly it became a more epic sort of prose, then lyrics… “Wolf’s Cry” was actually my way of learning about myself and my essence, as well as a place to run to from the everyday matters as it’s easier to be a wolf at times.


The blog entries were written “live” from the stormy atmosphere I was in, without giving it much thought, without editing, sometimes through human eyes and sometimes through the eyes of the wolf. I got caught up, sucked in, rolled up in emotions – same emotions that I would like now to introduce to my listener. It’s never calm there, not a moment of ease – everything is burning constantly. Aside from the main story, it also deals with the bless and curse in creation, the mixed feelings of the artist as in songs like “Chronicles” – the urge to give it all up just for the bliss of ignorance or the river of creation in “Because He’s Made of Flesh” and the eternal fire that will burn still.


“Wolf’s Cry” is really an allegory, therefore I’d like to keep the boundaries between what’s real and what’s fantasy very blurred. I’m also appalled by contradictions - as a wolf is noble and loyal but also powerful and cruel at times, or even the characters themselves, starting from the same line but develop differently (one embraces humanity as the other discovers the many sides of the animal). I also like the arrogant/vulnerable contradiction as I’m seeing that in many people around me (including myself) and never understand how the two can live in the same person. On the surface, “Wolf’s Cry” is a love story – but it’s really much more than what’s on the surface. I’d rather focus on emotions than on the plot, that’s why I kept the storyline to a necessary minimum.


The scenery is always nocturnal, sometimes dark and cold, sometimes full of mystery and magic. The woods, the full moon, the wolves cries would take you further in – but there’s always a twist, there is always more than you can grasp at first, and I want to encourage the reader/listener to dig for it. It started as a personal story which turned into a personal journey – but now it’s everyone’s. I want them (and you) to make it your own.


The Storyteller

"What force is it that draws me? Why do I waste efforts in writing those chronicles? Not completely for my own sake, for words do not heal my soul. Not for a mere chronologic tale, to preserve time. Not only to make eternity out of fading memories. I do believe words hold a lost wisdom, the great power of the runes. I use them to reach out, to try and explain, let you receive a glimpse of my world. When handled correctly, they can make you feel me and know me as I am…”

As with most things in my life, my music has begun with words. Since I remember myself I was surrounded with them, fascinated by them, the way they work together and are molded into a breathing, living thing that is creation. For one moment, there’s nothing there – then with the blink of an eye, a scenery with characters and emotions and a plot emerges from the nothingness. Isn’t that a modern kind of magic?


Music was the next natural step really, being the logic, mathematical person that I am. It is the perfect shore where the mind and the soul meet.  It follows very strict formulas and yet holds so much fire in its essence… And so, first there were classical piano lessons throughout high school, then guitar as I’ve discovered the enchanting world of metal – but it was the singer’s role that really appealed to me, being the frontman, the entertainer... the storyteller. And as I had my share of vocal training, personal endeavors and the inevitable pains of growing, my written ideas started to find themselves melodies as well as lyrics.


After a while, doing cover versions and tributes starts to wear you out. It’s always fun to do the classics, but then there was a moment when I simply wanted more, and composing my own music suddenly sounded reasonable enough, the last link in the writer/composer/storyteller chain. I just do what sounds and feels right, it’s stronger than me. It’s a curse and a bless, but I guess that’s just a part of who I am.


"I do not know to whom I write these chronicles. I have a feeling that I must turn everything into words, that I must try to explain, and maybe you would understand. This is my cry, a wolf's cry, to the world, to whoever may hear, for even close friends shut their ears now and turn away. The pain is so great I'm afraid it might kill me - fast death would be a gift I'll eagerly accept now - and therefore I must try and unfold my soul here, in these words. That's the creator's curse - the pain feeds my creations, it gives life to beautiful songs. It's a foul thing, how much I despise it! I would give away my poet's eye and my singer's voice and my musician's hand and all my great emotions, I'd give up everything in order to be a simple mortal, who finds joy in the heat of the sun, and the chatter of birds, and the dew of the morning. It is immortality which dwells in the words, it is eternity, but what a price it requests! Immense feelings, this is my curse. Great love, and great pain, and great sorrow..."


















       Photo by Ze'ev Omega Levin


Alpha Wolves

Wolf's Cry lineup:

Vocals – Henning Basse, Adi Bitran

Guitars – Gal Ben Haim

Bass – Edi Lemishov

Drums – Shaked Furman  


Live members:

Guitars - Gil David

Keyboards - Omer Furman

Bass - Max Mann

Drums - Or Benozio


Wolf's Cry credits:

All music & lyrics written by Adi Bitran

Except tracks 1,6,12 - written by Erez Yohanan & Adi Bitran

Guitar lines to all tracks except 10 and 13 rearranged by Gal Ben Haim & Erez Yohanan

Guitar lines to tracks 10 and 13 rearranged by Yaniv Abudi & Erez Yohanan

Produced & recorded by Erez Yohanan, Cast Iron Studios

Mixed & mastered by Jacob Hansen, Hansen Studios

Cover artwork by Eliran Kantor

Booklet artwork by Alejandro Bitran